Tuesday, April 11, 2017

"Easy" Homemade Dinner Rolls - LOL

Once again, recipe writers, please use your words correctly. When people see the word "easy," they think quick.

Maybe we shouldn't. But we do. So work with us, K?

You know that scene in Love Actually where Alan Rickman's character is buying the necklace for his secretary while his wife is shopping nearby? And he says to the cashier, "Look, could we be quite quick?" (Meaning "quick" about wrapping the present?) 

THAT is what I feel like as I watch this recipe: I am Alan Rickman watching the dude take FOREVER to wrap up the present. 

Seriously, that moment in the recipe around one minute in when they mix butter and honey together and all the toppings? That's the dude shaving the sprig of whatever-it-is into the bag that holds the wrapped present.

Listen, if I truly want "easy" dinner rolls, I'll just open up a bag of frozen ones and heat 'em up. Or get a side of garlic bread sticks with my Papa Gino's pizza. 



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